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Charges: MMTS Train Fare Details

General-class Fares
0-10 km -Rs.5/-
10-15 km -Rs.6/-
15-20 km -Rs.7/-
20-25 km -Rs.8/-
25-30 km -Rs.9/-
30-35 km -Rs.10/-
35-40 km -Rs.11/-

First-Class Fares
First Class Fare is approximately 12 times of General Fare per single journey


Combined RTC-MMTS pass costs Rs. 700 per month, You can travel in ordinary city bus and mmts general category. this new price will come into effect from 15 Oct 2012.Combined MMTS cum RTC bus pass costs got increased on 15-Oct-2012 due to recent RTC fare hike. Fare amount will shared equally between RTC and MMTS.

ATVM's  Details

Recently South central railway introduces ATVM's for automatic ticketing in mmts stations. Passengers can avail this facility at all the mmts stations in Hyderabad city. The new ten MMTS stations where these ATVMS have been installed are Hafeezpet, Borabanda, Fatehnagar, Sanjeevaiah Park, James Street, Khairatabad, Jamai Osmania,Dabirpura, Yakutpura andHuppuguda. 

MMTS travellers can get General Second class Tickets to any Station instantly from the ATVMs which have user friendly touch screen and function round the clock. 

The ATVM Smart Cards are issued on payment of Rs.80/- which include a refundable deposit of Rs.30/-. 

Top up can be made to ATVM Cardin the multiples of Rs. 50/- up to Rs. 1000/-. 

ATVM Cards offer a Bonus of Rs.5/- i.e., on payment of Rs.100/-passenger can get Tickets worth Rs. 105/-.
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Popular Stations  fares  Details
Sl.No From Station  To Station Fares
1 Falaknuma Lingampalli 11/-
2 Secunderabad Begumpet 5/-
3 Secunderabad Borabanda 6/-
4 Secunderabad Hi-tech city 6/-
5 Secunderabad Lingampalli 8/-
6 Secunderabad Falaknuma 6/-
7 Hyderabad Begumpet 5/-
8 Hyderabad Borabanda 6/-
9 Hyderabad Hi-tech city 7/-
10 Hyderabad Lingampalli 8/-
11 Hyderabad Secunderabad 5/-
12 Hyderabad Falaknuma 8/-