Mumbai Local Train Time Table HARBOUR LINE

Train No 98844 Local Train Timetable

SNoTrain NoFrom Station Start Time
1 98844 Bandra 01:52 PM
2 98844 Mahim Jn 01:55 PM
3 98844 Kings Circle 01:58 PM
4 98844 Vadala Road 02:04 PM
5 98844 Sewri 02:07 PM
6 98844 Cotton Green 02:10 PM
7 98844 Reay Road 02:12 PM
8 98844 Dockyard Road 02:15 PM
9 98844 Sandhurst Road 02:17 PM
10 98844 Masjid 02:19 PM
11 98844 Mumbai CST 02:23 PM


Mumbai Suburban Railway oldest railway network in Asia that started its operations in 1853. Mumbai Local Trains run round the clock. Popularly known as locals. The three lines of this railway network are the Central Main Line, the Western Line and the Harbour Line. Western line covers the from Churchgate to Virar via Western Suburbs.

The Central Main Line plies from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and schedules to Kalyan through the Central Suburbs and Thane. Also, a common stretch of the Harbour Line lies between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Vadala. Kurla happens to be the point of interchange of trains at Cental Main Line. The Virar locals are said to be the most crowded ones as it comes on the Western line, which covers the maximum stations. There are special coaches for women in both the classes these coaches are apparently better and safer than the common compartments.